Getting the fundamentals in place

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Relay42 has created a platform built for AI-driven customer journeys with real-time connectivity to all systems and touchpoints. The platform empowers businesses to create meaningful, lasting customer relationships bytransforming fragmented interactions into seamless journeys, without interrupting existing ecosystems.

With the Relay42 platform brands can unify their customer data, predict people’s movements, and engage at each moment with truly personalised journeys.

Quick Facts
  • Founding year: 2010

  • % women in C-level: 1-25%

  • Industry: IT & Security

  • Total Funding: 2.5 - 5m EUR

  • Expansion priorities: Channels, GTM, feasibility of markets

  • Offices + HQ: Amsterdam, London, Singapore

Challenges and Hurdles

Relay42 has an excellent customer list and market credibility across Europe and Asia, including KLM, AirFrance and Mazda. The existing product can be sold remotely and the company has achieved its early growth through inbound marketing, community engagement and a good following across its social media. It also has a reputation for being a thought leader and an authority in the field.

The revenue stream is significant and the company can attract star players to the team. Relay42 makes sure its people strategy is aligned to it’s business goals to ensure it has a strong foundation team in place to support the next growth phase.

Relay42’s competitors are large and have strong sales forces. While the company has successfully focused on a first set of larger enterprises, it is considering how best to harness enterprise sales on a larger scale. International expansion means aligning sales, marketing, operations and product teams to drive towards the same direction and ensuring engineering output can meet sales demand. 

CEO Testimonial

For me, the core of Compass is the body of advisers that are supporting it. Knowing that they have been through it before and getting to learn from their experiences, backgrounds, success and mistakes are key to the programme.

Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen

Lessons from Compass

Before vs after the programme

I believe that international expansion is extremely interesting and we could make it happen right now. However, through Compass, I can see that we need to do more work and focus on getting some of the business fundamentals in place before expanding internationally further. The fact that you stop running around and take good time to reflect on your business will help you save time & money.

Next steps

Message to other scaleups

Go do it! Get outside and get advice from people around you as much as possible. I think it’s in the Dutch DNA that we want to go out into the world and I believe we can do so.

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