From 'start-up' to 'scale-up'

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Zivver provides the comfort of safe communication to industries with high security and compliance requirements. The company provides organisations with secure communication tools that enable staff to get their jobs done with increased productivity, higher customer intimacy, lower costs and reduced reputational risk, avoiding fines by authorities.  

Quick Facts
  • Founding year: 2015

  • % women in C-level: 1-25%

  • Industry: IT & Security

  • Total Funding: >10m EUR

  • Expansion priorities: Feasibility, product, channel

  • Offices + HQ: Amsterdam, Berlin, UK

Challenges and Hurdles

CEO Testimonial

What added the most value for me was the fact that individual leaders in my team were able to take a look at their part of the business, get input from advisers and receive a collective overview. That collective understanding of the challenges we face as a company is very valuable.

Wouter Klinkhamer

Lessons from Compass

Managing inclusion 

Company culture and communication is critical to consider when expanding and binding everyone together to achieve a common goal. Driving cross-functional teams is more important than ever in a remote working model, and Zivver has a UK business that needs inclusion and direction.

Develop your customer personas across geographies

Developing customer and buying personas across verticals and geographies is essential to understanding product-market fit. Asking the who, why and how questions about customer engagement are the basis of a successful go-to-market strategy.  Zivver is building a development priority list driven from data points gathered by market, analysis, competition and customer research.

Before vs after the programme


Marketing messages need to be aligned by territory and sector with a compelling message around values and risks. 

Next steps

We now have a CTO in place who is based in the UK and that’s 50% of our leadership in the UK. We will now prioritise on getting our structure and focus right, making sure our leadership team are working together in synergy for the next 6 months and see where that gets us.

Message to other scaleups

What I can say from the back of our experience is that you need to be willing to rethink everything, including your business model. Do not assume that just because something works in Holland it would work in the UK or wherever else.

There are significant differences between markets and the jump into your next market will be a bigger jump than you think. To be able to do well, you will probably need to bring in someone on a leadership level who is local to the market.

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