Driving growth in a new world

How do we support tech businesses that still want to go global?

Driving growth in a new world

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No travelling required.


The COVID pandemic has made us all think differently about how we approach our daily lives - with the restrictions on movement and travel forcing businesses to think differently about how they plan for international expansion.

International trade missions and delegations have been among the most important ways for expanding businesses to connect with new markets. But face-to-face missions have been postponed or cancelled altogether - and that is why we have taken trade missions online.

Our new virtual Market Missions support business growth ambitions by offering direct access to in-market experts and a clear understanding of target markets - all via our online event platform.

In collaboration with in-market industry experts, business founders and trade and investment organisations, Market Missions are designed to help businesses understand a specific market and its challenges and opportunities.

September 2020 saw us deliver two nationwide Market Missions programmes, for Australia and the UK - both focussing on fintech. A further bespoke mission focussed on businesses in Western Australia looking to expand to the UK. See all of our previous missions.


Market Missions offer commercially focused online-only meetings that work as an alternative to face-to-face trade missions. Time-zone friendly and designed to meet tech business needs, Market Missions give businesses access to the support and expert advice they need without the opportunity cost and expense of travelling.

Each mission programme features three core components.


Market insights offer a bird’s eye view of the business landscape and the market opportunity. Lessons learned from successful tech companies sharing their key challenges and how they’ve overcome them.



Virtual meetings with industry experts, potential partners, advisers, VCs and prospects. An opportunity for businesses to pitch their proposition to market, with an audience keen to engage with the next wave of successful entrepreneurs.



Panel discussions, masterclasses and group webinar feature experts with deep domain expertise and peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Each mission programme is designed to help business leaders engage directly with experts working in their target market.


Want to build your own bespoke Market Mission? Find out more.

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