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Understand your customers

Gain invaluable insights from your target customers to guide your strategy.

Understand your customers

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What's important to them?

It's very common to see many new market entrants make assumptions about their potential customers, often thinking that they mirror the customer groups they have become familiar with in other markets.

Understanding your customers and what’s important to them is one of the most valuable pre-market entry activities you can invest in. Having the right knowledge will inform the foundation of your strategy.

Newfound can provide you with expert customer insight research to de-risk your customer acquisition strategy and achieve results quicker. Through our research, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your customer’s buying behaviours and triggers as well as the type of messaging and language that will resonate with them.


  • Ask a bespoke set of questions to your target market, not based on previous industry research.
  • Gain a competitive advantage in a market with a lot of moving parts – asking those at the heart of it what they think.
  • Develop intelligent sales and marketing messaging and product positioning.
  • Produce marketing content/thought leadership to help with launch.
  • Also dependent on approach, this could be an opportunity to build a database of early adopter customers.


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