Insights from experts

Gain invaluable insight from industry insiders and your target audiences.

Insights from experts

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Go deeper with industry and customer interviews.

Take an even deeper look into your target market with a made-to-order report that incorporates desk research, market data and analysis and extensive in-depth interviews with handpicked industry experts, market insiders and potential customers.

Drawing on our research partner Savanta’s in-house data collection and analysis expertise, we’ll create a highly informative piece of bespoke research.

The result will be an extremely rich overview of your potential market, enabling you to develop even more effective launch strategies that are targeted to the UK B2B technology market.

Your Market Validation Deep-dive Report will include: 

  • Overview of the UK B2B technology market
  • Thorough product evaluation 
  • Assessment on product market fit 
  • Assessment of market size
  • Thorough competitor analysis 
  • Market trend analysis 
  • Rich insight from industry professionals
  • In-depth qualitative interviews with customer groups
  • Analysis of barriers to entry
  • Price comparison 
  • Customer profiling and insights
  • Actionable recommendations  

Market insights that are second to none

Your competitive edge demands high-quality data delivered quickly and efficiently.



From start-ups to multi-nationals, Savanta helps businesses make better decisions using the latest innovation.


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